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The challenge is to create an IoT or wearables app that will help solve everyday problems in four categories: work, family, home, or travel. Please submit the details of your Bluemix app that you created for the WITI Hackathon. Deadline for submissions will be Tuesday, June 30th at 3:00pm PT.

  • Please enter each team member's full name and email address (one person per line, with a space in between first name, last name and email address.) Click for example*

    Sally Ride
    Grace Hopper
    Thomas Edison

  • Please submit your current location.

  • Please submit your current location.

  • In 100 words or less please explain your solution.

  • Please include a link you your application (i.e.

  • Please include link to your source code on GitHub, Repo, etc.

  • We're looking for innovative use of Bluemix services in all submissions. Please list each service used on a seperate line.

  • Please submit a link to your video that showcases the app and how it was created.