Technical Resources

WITI and IBM have partnered up with Intel to offer additional resources to ensure you create the most innovative, show stopping app possible! IBM Bluemix is a cloud development platform that helps developers rapidly build and deploy applications. Intel is looking to bring the hardware community together to get their hands dirty and come up with cool ideas in the process.

Participate in the hackathon and bring your ideas from the back of a napkin to a full working prototype in days with the help of industrial design and hardware experts and a whole host of amazing tools. IBM and Intel have a wealth of technical resources that showcase Bluemix services integrated onto Intel's hardware including virtual education, videos, tutorials, etc. for you to leverage that can be found here:

Really want to WOW the judges?

Visit Mouser or Amazon among other sites to purchase an Edison board and kick your app into high gear! Edison boards provide a fully open source hardware and software development environment for your Maker projects.

Product Details

  • High performance, dual-core CPU and single core micro-controller supports complex data collection in a low power package
  • Integrated Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Low-Energy* (LE), memory, and storage simplifies configuration and increases scalability
  • 40 multiplexed GPIO interfaces with expansion board options for total project design and flexibility

Supportive Environment

  • Managed online community for project ideas and engagement with other product users
  • Intel® product expert support and open source community software tools
  • Access to device-to-device and device-to-cloud connectivity framework to enable cross device communication and a cloud based, multi-tenant, time-series analytics service

You can also purchase a Grove starter kit to get things started! The following sensors are supported by Intel:

Additional Resources